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Washing machine

It’s estimated that the average family of four generates 8 to 10 loads of laundry in a week. This equates to about 12 hours of laundry time. Without the help of your trusty washing machine, it could take even longer to complete your weekly laundry chores. With your washing machine working hard to keep your family’s linens and clothes clean, it’s important to give it the maintenance and care it deserves. By better understanding the basic washer parts that make up your machine, you can keep an eye out for any issues and repair them before they become a big problem.


While washers and dryers are designed for longevity, any machinery with moving parts will need occasional repairs. Whether dealing with residential or commercial washers, keep your eye on these few components that regularly wear out before the rest of the equipment. Sometimes, all you need is a small repair to keep things running smoothly, saving you a lot of money over the life of your machine. The right parts also make a major difference in cost and performance. Electrolux washer parts, in addition to many other parts for your specific machinery.


You may only deal with your commercial laundry equipment parts when something goes wrong. Not investing in upgraded parts for your laundry equipment may be costing your business money and customers. There are some decided advantages that come from upgrading your commercial laundry equipment proactively, rather than waiting for things to break down while your customers are using them.


There are a lot of working parts that are located in your laundry equipment. Do you know what you’re looking for when you go to buy online commercial laundry parts? Here is a quick breakdown of the components that make up your laundry machines to help you determine what you may need to replace in case of a malfunction.


There are a few reasons why you should only buy new laundry machine parts, not used products.

First, used parts have a short life span. Don’t be tempted to buy used laundry machine parts, even if they are listed as “refurbished.” Because they have been used multiple times, they are likely to give out or show flaws like rust sooner than new equipment would.


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In 1988 Sterling Phillips Sr, President of Sterling Equipment Company became a Distributor for Southern California. He opened his doors to the coin laundry business, becoming an industry success story.

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